BRDR program

RCC/BRDR program

Building resilience through Inclusive and Climate-Adaptive Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia-Pacific (BRDR) program


The Building Resilience through Inclusive and Climate Adaptive Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia-Pacific (BRDR) is a five-year (2018 – 2022) program that aims to protect development gains and to enhance regional cooperation on inclusive and gender-equal risk reduction approaches. The BRDR program focuses on establishing evidence-based methods, tools, and practices for building the resilience of the most vulnerable communities in Nepal and the Philippines.

Outcome 1: Regional

Strengthened capacity for regional cooperation to build resilience to future climate and disaster in Asia-Pacific

The BRDR program aims to share lessons learned at regional forums in order to replicate successful approaches, including through supporting RCC member countries in implementing global frameworks and serving as a conduit for South-South learning, transboundary disaster risk reduction and knowledge-sharing.

Outcome 2: National

Strengthened uptake of risk-informed approaches to development and social protection to reduce disaster and climate risk and vulnerability

Outcome 3: Institutional

Enhanced gender equality and rights-based approaches in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation

Institutional strengthening efforts will focus on building ADPC’s internal capacity for integrating gender-equal and rights-based approaches in disaster risk reduction and climate resilience.

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