RCC 12th Meeting

RCC 12th Meeting:

 Risk-Sensitive Development in Asia 


Thimphu, Bhutan



Department of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs (MoHCA)


Meeting participants discussed the implementation of actions outlined in the SFDRR and agreed the RCC would continue to provide technical solutions in the implementation and support in knowledge exchange.


Member countries adopted the Thimphu Statement which highlights ways member countries can transform the RCC mechanism to support meaningful implementation of the SFDRR, including: building knowledge of government officials and stakeholders, mainstreaming DRR into development, developing CBDRM strategies, undertaking DRR assessment and collection of DRR data. ADPC in its capacity as the Secretariat would continue to perform the role of technical advisor and develop the capacity of member countries.


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Development Partners

The 12th RCC Meeting was co-hosted by the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs (MoHCA) and the Department of Disaster Management (DDM), Bhutan; and Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) with support from the German Government through GIZ.


RCC 12 Meeting Proceedings


The meeting proceedings of the 12th Meeting of the Regional Consultative Committee on Disaster Management

Thimphu Statement


The statement endorsed by member countries during the 12th RCC meeting