RCC 14th Meeting

RCC 14th Meeting:

Policies and Practices for Coherence between Global Frameworks 


Kathmandu, Nepal



The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA)


The 14th RCC meeting understood coherence as jointly strengthening resilience through processes such as mainstreaming, harmonization, localization and alignment. As a follow-up to the commitments made at the AMCDRR, member countries explored practical approaches and options for coherent implementation of key global frameworks.


In recognition of the value of enhancing coherence to support in the implementation of key global frameworks, the member countries adopted the Kathmandu Statement. The Statement highlights the member countries commitments to support various stakeholders in coherent planning and implementation of activities under different global frameworks and the RCC’s role in supporting the priorities of the countries work under different programs and projects.


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Development Partners

The 14th RCC Meeting was supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Germany Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).


Kathmandu Statement


The Kathmandu Statement of the 14th RCC Meeting.

RCC 14 Background Note


The Background Note of the 14th RCC Meeting.

RCC 14 Discussion Paper


The Discussion Paper of the 14th RCC Meeting.

RCC 14 Press Release


The Press Release of the 14th RCC Meeting.

RCC 14 Guidance Note


The Guidance Note of the 14th RCC Meeting.

RCC 14 Policies and Practices for Coherence between Global Frameworks: Updates from RCC Countries


Updates from RCC Countries on Policies and Practices for Coherence between Global Frameworks.

RCC 14 Day 1 Presentations


Day 1 Presentations: - Session 1: Regional Cooperation for Enhancing Disaster Resilience - Session 2: Addressing Coherence in SFDRR and SDGs - Session 3: Towards 2030: Nepal's Progress and Lessons Learnt in DRM - Session 4: Update on the Implementation of SFDRR and SDGs

RCC 14 Day 2 Presentations


Day 2 Presentations: - Session 5: Building a Framework for Coherence in Asia and the Pacific Region - Session 7: Lessons Learnt: Operationalizing Global Frameworks for Risk-Resilient Development in Asia

RCC 14 Day 3 Presentations


Day 3 Presentations: - Session 8: RCC and its Future Framework - Session 9: Statements by the 14th RCC Meeting Observers

RCC 14 Agenda


The Agenda of the 14th RCC Meeting.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Nepal - Challenges, Progress and Ways Forward


The document highlights diasaster risk reduction and management in Nepal, along with highlighting the challenges, progress and ways forward

RCC Mechanism


RCC Technical and Operational Structure.