Region: South West Asia

Population: 82,913,906

Capital: Tehran

GDP (Million US$): $446,105

General climate: Ranges from arid or semi-arid, to sub-tropical along the Caspian coast and northern forests

INFORM Risk Rating: 4.9

Disaster Management Structure

National Disaster Management Organization (NDMO)
The NDMO, under the Ministry of Interior, is responsible for developing policies and plans of action on disaster management, coordination between national and international organizations as well as information dissemination. The NDMO further strengthens regional and international cooperation while providing training on disaster and information management. The Disaster Management Coordination Council was formed under the NDMO is order to coordinate activities across provinces.

Regional (provincial) and local (district) level structures are aligned with that of the national level. Depending on the classification of the disaster, respective authorities are deployed.

National Disaster Management Plan

Integrated National Disaster Management Plan published in 2002 defines the objectives, structures and phases on the plan to provide safety checklists for national, regional and local development projects. The plan is focused on strengthening disaster information and communication systems, with focus on earthquakes and floods.