Region: Southeast Asia

Population: 32,095,057

Capital: Kuala Lumpur

GDP (Million US$): $358,579

General climate: Year-round tropical climate with warm weather. Monsoon season is divided between two areas of the country: the annual southwest monsoons run from April to October while the northeast monsoons run from October to February

INFORM Risk Rating: 3.2

Risk Summary

– Exposed to high flood floods alongside medium exposure to forest fires and landslides, while low risk to tsunamis, cyclonic storms, seismic activity, epidemics and hazards
– Floods in 2014 resulted in 500,000 being affected and $670 in damage to infrastructure
– Effects of pollution continue to risk and Malaysia suffers from periodic haze that has resulted in shutting down schools, delays in transportation and chronic health issues among the population

Organizational Structure for Disaster Management

National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA)
A new NADMA was established under the Prime Minister’s department and acts as the disaster management agency, headed by senior government officials. Small agency units have been set up at the community and village level to manage small-scale disasters, headed by the Civil Defense Department. The National Security Council (NSC) coordinates all disaster management including all activities being implemented by the National Disaster Management and Relief Committee at the federal, state and local levels.


National Disaster Management Agency
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