South Korea


Region: East Asia

Population: 51,239,967

Capital: Seoul

GDP (Million US$): $1619.42

General climate: The climate is relatively temperate, with precipitation heavier in the summer during a short rainy season called jangma and winters can be bitterly cold

INFORM Risk Rating: 1.6

Risk Summary

– Prone to floods, fires, drought, heavy snow, earthquakes and yellow-dust phenomena resulting in $700 million in damages on an annual basis
– Floods, as a result of typhoons that hit the Korean Peninsula between June – December each year, often damage the agriculture industry resulting in large economic losses
– The yellow-dust phenomena is a seasonal and meteorological hazard that occurs during Spring carried by the wind and affects the air quality of South Korea

Disaster Management System

Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS)
The MOIS is the main disaster management body in Korea. The ministry focuses on building a comprehensive and prompt approach to coping with disasters and safety through building a systematic disaster and safety management system. The MOIS has adopted an integrated disaster and safety information system which handles all phases of a disaster through cross-government communication and collaboration.


Ministry of Interior and Safety
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